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Obama article

Q and A: What Young African Leaders Are Saying About Obama's Summit

Obama is investing in young African leaders. Three of them talked to AFKInsider about words, action and the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit....

Eve fairbanks 2 by joni sternbach article

Q & A: Post-Apartheid South Africa With Author Eve Fairbanks

Eve Fairbanks' upcoming book, “The Inheritors,” aims to be the foremost treatment of post-apartheid South Africa to date in the American press....

Open uri20140610 18764 1hgjmz7 article

Challenges To Sustainable Housing In South Africa

Despite foreign investment, economic growth, and government developments, housing in South Africa hasn't yet struck a balance in affordability and design....

Open uri20140402 31422 1ns22t6 article

Sub-Saharan Africa Is Walmart's New Battleground - AFKInsider

Walmart is an example of a multinational which is making a bold move. Acquiring South African grocery chain Massmart...

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Q & A With Soylent Creator Rob Rhinehart - AFKInsider

Is sythetic food a viable option for Africa? AFKInsider spoke with Soylent creator Rob Rhinehart, who crowdfunded $1.5 million to finance his product....

Ethel presentation article

Q&A: 'Michelle Obama Made Me Cry' A Young African Leader Says

Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative brought 500 Africans to top U.S. universities. Ghanaian-born Ethel Cofie was one of them. She spoke to AFKInsider....

Open uri20140222 29474 rul91t article

Q&A With CEOs of Africa's Rising Gaming Industry - AFKInsider

The last couple of years have seen abundant buzz about the African gaming industry,...

Open uri20161031 15739 asq468 article

Rising African Film Industries: The Nollywood-South Africa Axis

Despite the success of Nollywood, Africa is still more a film consumer than producer. South and North African films had an easier path to international distribution....

Open uri20161031 15739 1ocjh01 article

Q&A: Africa Impact Group Founder On Pioneering Innovation

Issam Chleuh is one of Africa's most promising young entrepreneurs, a leader in impact investing -- investing that generates measurable social and environmental impact....

Open uri20161031 15739 phgpak article

Q & A: E-Commerce Platform MallForAfrica Caters To Africa's Wealthiest

Nigerian-owned ecommerce platform MallForAfrica has grown tenfold in the past year, and counts among its partners Amazon, BestBuy, and Bloomingdale's....