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TeamHealth pays $60M on IPC Healthcare Upcoding Fraud Whistleblower Allegations

TeamHealth pays $60M on IPC Healthcare Upcoding Fra...

Mariela Barnes Whistleblower Claims v 21st Century Oncology Settled at $19.75M

Mariela Barnes Whistleblower Claims v 21st Century ...

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Editorial Page - Whistleblower News Review

The Whistleblower News Review editorial page presents letters to the editor, opinions from our editorial staff, humor and commentary....

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Fraud Conference | Drugs & Devices Marketing | Whistleblower News

Speakers at a Recent Conference on Fraud and Abuse in Sales & Marketing of Medical Devices and Prescription Drugs Looked at Guilt Admissions, Severity of Punishments & Novartis Precedent...

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Pharmageddon's Eve? Unsafe Drugs Prescribed by U.S. Doctors - Medicare Pays

Medicare & Medicaid Pay for Unsafe Drugs. Where are Medicaid or Medicare Whistleblowers when Unsafe Pharmaceuticals are Prescribed 100 Million Times? FDA Fails 25%....

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Tenet Healthcare | Massive Kickback Scheme Settlement | $84M to Whistleblower

Tenet Healthcare Whistleblower Ralph Williams Nets $84.4 Million False Claims Act Whistleblower Reward for Exposing Tenet Healthcare Illegal Kickback Scheme Targeting Hispanic Medicaid Patients....

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Visiting Nurse Service of New York Faces Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Suit

Medicaid & Medicare Schemes are Allegations of Whistleblower Edward Lacey vs Visiting Nurse Service of New York. Edward Lacey’s False Claims Act Lawsuit Alleges Healthcare Fraud....

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Two Multi-Million Dollar SEC Whistleblower Awards

The SEC whistleblower program has been gaining momentum, and it has just hit an important benchmark....

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National Uber Drivers Lawsuit | Uber Class Action - Whistleblower

Driver Activist Lorri Trosper Blew the Whistle on High Flying Uber, Inc. for Labor Rules Violations (FLSA). Drivers' Class Action for All U.S. Drivers: Blocked Rights, Stolen Tips Lawsuit...

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Whistleblower Lawsuit Settled | Evercare – Optum | Ineligible Reimbursement

Evercare’s Optum Palliative & Hospice Settled Terry Lee Fowler & Lyssa Towl Whistleblower Lawsuit at $18M. Towl & Fowler Whistleblower Reward Millions for Exposing Medicare Billing Scheme in Qui Tam Suit....

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Lorri Prosper: Voice of All Uber Drivers | Class Action Lawsuit

Uber's Kalanick gets Uber Rich, Uber Driver & Advocate Undergoes Life Threatening Surgery Unaided by the Billion Dollar Juggernaut - All Driver Lawsuit...

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Whistleblowers Leatrice Richards & Thomas Schuhmann Net $3.5M

51 Hospitals Settled a Massive Cardiac Device Implant Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit for $23M. Thomas Schuhmann & Leatrice Richards $3.5 Whistleblower Reward....

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Mariela Barnes Whistleblower Claims v 21st Century Oncology Settled at $19.75M

False Claims Act Whistleblower Lawsuit, by Ex-21st Century Oncology’s Mariela Barnes, Settled at $19.75M w/ $3.2M Reward to Mariela Barnes for Reporting Healthcare Kickbacks & Unnecessary Tests...